Ways to Organize Your Home After the Holiday

Organize Your Home After the HolidayWe love the holidays, but it’s hard to embrace the “After Christmas Clutter”. If your home typically looks like a tornado crashed through it after the holidays, it’s probably time to start 2020 off right with an organizational plan in mind for the home. With new gifts, toys and treasures everywhere, it’s time to take a pause and figure out where everything is going to be stored.

Kick off the new year with the family de-cluttering their rooms. Start with a garbage bag and throw away wrapping paper, boxes, and ripped ribbons and bows that can’t be reused. Of course, you can reuse boxes that will work for next year but taking any holiday paper products to a recycling center is a great option as well. If you have always wanted a craft room in the home, this is a perfect time to plan for it. At Garage Décor and More, we can create a wrapping paper station that offers perfect placement for your crafts and more. You’ll be ready for any upcoming birthday and the next round of holiday cheer!

It’s also the perfect time to decide what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. What are your plans for the old decor? Now is the best time to consider a garage sale or donating items you simply do not need or use anymore. Whether you start a “spring yard sale” box or decide to keep some of the items for your soon-to-be college grad, it’s important to keep the items in a safe place…and one you can access easily. If you are looking to store items for an extended period of time, Garage Décor and More offers Redline Garage Cabinets that are heavy-duty and perfect for the basement, garage or backyard shed.

As you begin to put away holiday decorations, it’s a good time to decide which ones you want to keep and what holiday decorations you would like to give away or donate. If you are noticing that the decorations are beginning to look a bit worn out and aged, don’t feel obligated to keep the items for next year. It’s okay to “let go” of decorations you no longer love! Pack up the decorations you still love and want to keep, labeling storage boxes accordingly. If you’ve noticed that you have acquired more items than storage options, Garage Décor and More has the solution by installing heavy duty wall storage or overhead garage storage racks for the large totes and boxes. The best part? Consultations are free. We can come to your home and offer recommendations on the best ways to store your items and organize.

Now that everything has been cleaned up and put away, how do you want to plan for the new year? Would you like to turn that hall closet into a more functional space? At Garage Décor and More, we offer customized styles and features for any closet, basement space, garage, or office. When you are looking for quality paired with good looks, our custom organizational systems can turn your existing home into an organized dream come true! Contact us to learn more about our storage options for your home and to set up a hassle-free consultation. Call us at (618) 789-7969 or visit our website at http://www.garagedecorandmore.com/.