Why You Need to Get Organized BEFORE the Holidays

Get Organized BEFORE the HolidaysThe holidays are upon us and there’s a lot to do in preparation. Between shopping for loved ones and entertaining guests at our homes, it seems like every weekend is scheduled. There is still time to organize and update your home before the holiday craziness strikes! You just need a plan in place. There is a way to bring the current state of your home from cluttered to clean. Garage Décor and More can assist you every step of the way, finding extra storage in closets, garages and more that you didn’t even think you had!

Many professional organizers recommend getting your home ready for holiday entertaining over time, tackling each room in the house start-to-finish before moving on to the next room. Once each room is organized, it will also be up to you and everyone in your family to keep the home uncluttered in preparation for the upcoming festivities. Are you up for the challenge? Garage Décor and More can make holiday prep easy.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah is a time most of us will entertain our guests with a focus on the kitchen and dining areas. Keeping this area fresh and tidy is important since food prep and convenient storage will be the foundation for your upcoming main event.  Things to consider as you prepare:

  • Is your pantry and cabinets organized and easy to use?
  • Are you embarrassed when you open a cabinet door?
  • Can you easily find the items and supplies you use on a regular basis?

Garage Décor and More offers a large selection of cabinet colors and designs that can easily turn your unsightly kitchen into one that’s a homeowner’s dream. Our RedLine Design Systems have products and accessories that are built to last, accommodating any sized pantry and kitchen. If you use your pressure cooker weekly, why continue to keep it hidden in a bottom shelf? With our organizational systems, you’ll enjoy an easy-to-use kitchen all of your guests will adore with an easier access to all items you need.

Often, over the holidays, our guests will stay with us overnight or over the weekend. Is your spare room organized and comfortable for your seasonal guests? Or, is your spare room one that often gets overlooked, used for storage and not much else? Garage Décor and More offers free consultations and can come look at any room you are trying to organize. If your spare room’s closet is cluttered and cramped, it may be time to think of a closet overhaul. With our RedLine Closets, your guests will benefit from a serene space that offers plenty of storage for their personal belongings, while also being more organized for your entire family, all year long.

Whether you need extra space for entertaining or a kitchen rejuvenation, Garage Décor and More can help. We have a long list of products that can organize any room of the home. The holidays are an ideal time to showcase your new pantry, guest closet, or recently organized basement. Need to find room for that new pool table in the basement from Santa Claus? Our custom shelving and storage racks will relocate items cluttering your basement floor, making room for all of your new “toys”.

Garage Décor and More designs and installs custom organization systems in St. Clair and Madison counties in Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We offer free consultations and personalized service to suit any space, need and budget. Get ready for the holidays and give Garage Décor and More a call at (618) 789-7969 or visit us online at http://www.garagedecorandmore.com/.